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What We Offer

TeamWorks Home Developments offer simple, transparent turnkey property development solutions. Our clients’ homes are built to suit their specific requirements and preference of finishes.

As well as building your dream home, we have developed a simplified and transparent process to make the build more straight forward. We have built up a proven track record for delivering projects on time, to specification and on budget. We can be relied on to manage the job well and to deliver high quality standards.

A home is often a person’s single largest investment and we take pride in helping our clients make money through the process hence our motto “building your home and equity”.

If you are interested in building your dream home please do not hesitate to call on 082 903 1383.

Why home build with Teamworks Home Developments?

Custom Design &

your preferred finishes

Save money vs.

buying an existing home

A Simple and

Transparent Process

An easier home building process

We believe that building your dream home should be a simple and transparent process. To do this we provide detailed turn key packages & prices so you can easily make comparisons to other homes on the market, confident that there are no hidden extras. We make sure that our packages compare very favourably to homes on the market- especially when transfer duty savings are factored in.

Once you are satisfied that home building is the way to go, you can either use an existing design or embark on a customised design process to ensure the house meets your specific requirements, after all, this is one of the great benefits of building a home.

Once the home is designed, we work together to choose the finishes you want. This is much more satisfying than having to accept somebody else tastes and preferences!

We can build your home AND your Equity

We firmly believe that our clients should make money by building their home. This is a different story to buying an existing home where transfer duty, higher prices and other fees leave most people with negative equity from the outset.

It is important to note that when you buy a plot from a developer there are ZERO transfer duty fees payable. This means major savings. (Currently R497, 500 on a R6 million home)

Furthermore, due to the relationship between the current prices of existing homes on the market and the cost of construction, we can bring all inclusive turnkey packages to the market at a discount to the “existing home” market! (a 5% discount on a R 6 million home is worth R300, 000!)

So by buying a new, custom designed home with your preferred finishes you can make good money. For example, An existing home selling for R7 million costs R7,607,500 with transfer duty and will cost a package price of c. R6,650,000… a difference of almost R1 million!

Calculate what you could save by home building vs. buying an existing home

1. Value of the house you want to buy

2. Saving created by home building Vs. buying an existing home – 5%


3. Transfer duty saving


4. Approx saving by home building vs buying an existing home

*Assuming you pay average market rates